March 30, 2012

LYRICS for Vitas in China

list of the Vitas LYRICS below:
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (2 translations)
Opera #1
Wo Ai Ni (I Love You)
Forgive Us, Lord

You can also find most Vitas lyrics at this link


A rehearsal, this is the clearest version. (No subtitles)
This modern folk song is in a traditional style.

The Plateau is the highest place in the world and said to be the most gorgeous. It includes most of Tibet. Both Tibetans and the entire Chinese republic are proud of it.

Vitas is brave to take on this song whose singers are famous for it, both Tibetan and otherwise from China.

I found different translations. While they all express how the beautiful landscape fills them with a connection, even a longing, for the past, some phrasing is more openly spiritual. Interesting to see how a text can be so open to interpretation.

Note that the second translation is more spiritual. It is in italics.

Why Have I Never Heard of Vitas? Intro to Vitas

escorted by a dozen Chinese soldiers
to protect him from fans [video below]


How did Vitas, the handsome young Russian pop star, a countertenor with over a five-octave range, become such an international smash and rise to be the one of the biggest celebrities in China- even though singing almost exclusively in Russian?

. . And need a dozen uniformed Chinese soldiers at the concert hall to protect him from a mob of hysterical fans, shrieking and pushing, and chanting "Vitas" -who in spite of the soldiers, manage to rip his shirt (VIDEO BELOW). Without intending to, Vitas (pronounced "Veee-tahs") seems to have become a bridge between east and west, a sort of "cultural ambassador" (to be explored in a forthcoming post).

Vitas the Great Seducer


Vitas barely seems to have a life, he is on tour all over the world I estimate three out of four weeks a month; spends it is said 5-6 hours a day practicing various styles of song and dance, and breathing; as well as meditation and sports. Plus time for writing and composing. The rumor goes that he composes at night.

How I Wrote the Vitas Posts

I believe that to understand Vitas is TO SEE HIM IN CONCERT. That his concert performances explain everything- the effect on his fans amounting to worship; And particularly, explain his unprecedented effect on the Chinese people.

But my disclaimer is, I have never seen him in concert.
I have gathered all my facts from the web, a notoriously misleading and inaccurate method of research. Sites merely cut and paste information until every site says the same thing, giving an illusion of truth. There is no way to separate rumor from fact.

LYRICS for Vitas introductions

Lyrics from the post
Why Have I Never Heard of Vitas?

LIST of Songs in this Post:
1) Opera #2
2) Cranes Crying

3) "Mad Scene" from Lucia di Lammamoor:                   
See this post for lyrics (at end): Vitas Makes an Exception for Italian

4) Extraterrestrial Friend
5) Mama
6) The Star

  You can also find most Vitas lyrics at this link

March 29, 2012

Vitas Makes an Exception for Italian

Russian pop star Vitas major celebrity in China.
Escorted through a crowd of fans 
by a dozen Chinese uniformed soldiers
Vitas does what Vitas wants to do? For almost a decade, Vitas sang mainly in his native language, with few exceptions. The most interesting exception was Italian, because Vitas sings arias taking the female role.

Italian is the "language of song," and certainly of opera, to which Vitas aspires, in his own characteristically pop way. It shows the operatic side of Vitas, but also his flash and fire.

The Fifth Element alien
voiced by Albanian soprano
Inva Mula-Tchako
Here is one of the few official videos that is more exciting than his live videos. With some energetic golden ladies, he sings the "Mad Scene" from Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor. You may recognize this aria from the movie The Fifth Element, sung by an equally mysterious tender blue alien soprano.

Amelita Galli-Curci 
as Lucia 1915 with Caruso
This aria is particularly famous for coloratura sopranos to show off their range and expression, adding ornamentation, turns, trills and cadenzas. The perfect opportunity for our showman Vitas to show off his over five-octave range.

Because this is opera, you know that Lucia's love story is going to go Romeo and Juliet, as it does. But the end is far more macabre: Lucia, thinking her lover doesn't love her anymore, marries another man, then on her wedding night. . . well, goes quite mad.