March 30, 2012

How I Wrote the Vitas Posts

I believe that to understand Vitas is TO SEE HIM IN CONCERT. That his concert performances explain everything- the effect on his fans amounting to worship; And particularly, explain his unprecedented effect on the Chinese people.

But my disclaimer is, I have never seen him in concert.
I have gathered all my facts from the web, a notoriously misleading and inaccurate method of research. Sites merely cut and paste information until every site says the same thing, giving an illusion of truth. There is no way to separate rumor from fact.

There is very little information about Vitas online. The best information comes from fans- real research involves reading through comments in hundreds of Vitas fansites, and in the comment strings beneath the hundreds of song videos. I did not do this. As for interviews, I found only very few in English, the rest being in Chinese with his answers in Russian.                                
Much of what I found could have been misinformation or rumor. Note that I continually had to write "Supposedly" "possibly" "apparently." One interviewer even claimed that Vitas and his producer purposely put out rumors, those sly devils.

But I am not an investigative reporter. The songs and links I found were found at random. I cannot establish that these are indeed the very best, it is only what I found. I take what I find and run. If you see mistakes, please contact me.

My focus is not on facts but my interpretation of the phenomenon that is Vitas. I focus on the videos, trying to understand his "spell." The very fact that there is so much mystery and misinformation further establishes my point, Vitas's cult role, or living legend (they say in Asia).

Some might say I'm trying to pin down a butterfly, so to speak, and I do not disagree. It's my nature to analyze and we all gotta do what we gotta do. This is why I include quotations from emotional concertgoers. I hope to be among their number, whenever Vitas comes back to the USA.

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